10 Easy Cookie Sheet Alphabet Activities Free Printable

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Young children love learning about everything and their “ABCs” are no exception. Your child’s library is probably filled with tons of fun alphabet books that they want to read over and over again. The great thing about helping your child with the alphabet is that it is so easy and inexpensive to do. For these cookie sheet alphabet activities, all you need is a basic cookie sheet and some magnetic letters.

Free printable cookie sheet alphabet activities for kids

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If you have a cookie sheet and some magnetic letters, you are all set for this activity. These magnetic letters are only about 1.2″ tall and they fit perfectly. Your basic 9″ x 13″ cookie sheet is really all you need. You’ll see in the photos below that I used a larger one because that is what I had. Just use what you have at home.

Activities That Are Included

  • Match the Uppercase Letters
  • Match the Lowercase Letters
  • Fill in the Missing Uppercase Letters (3 different versions)
  • Fill in the Missing Lowercase Letters (3 different versions)
  • Sort the Letters by Uppercase and Lowercase
  • Sort the the Letters That Are in Your Name and Not in Your Name

What You Will Need

How to Use These Alphabet Activities

  • Print out the pages that you want to use with your child.
  • Choose an activity page and lay it on a cookie sheet.
  • Have your child use their magnetic letters to complete the activity.

Examples of the Alphabet Activities

Your child can match uppercase letters or lowercase letters.

Cookie Sheet Alphabet Activities Uppercase Letter Matching

There are three different pages for missing uppercase letters and three for missing lowercase letters. Each one gets progressively more difficult with more letters missing.

Cookie Sheet Alphabet Activities Missing Lowercase Letters

Finally, your child can sort uppercase and lowercase letters and also sort the letters in their name and not in their name.

Cookie Sheet Alphabet Activities Sort the Letters

To download this printable, simply click on the link below.

Cookie Sheet Alphabet Activities

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Free printable alphabet activities using magnets and a cookie sheet.