Amazing Books for LEGO Builders

Is your family a family of LEGO builders? If so, then you probably have tons of LEGO bricks in your home. The bricks that are a part of sets, extra bricks, and random bricks that you may have no idea where they came from. Fortunately there are lots of amazing books for LEGO builders to help you out. These are great books for kids of all ages!

A list of fun books for LEGO builders.

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Books for LEGO Builders

There is so much your family can do with all of these bricks! You are not limited to the instructions that came with the set. You are free to create whatever your mind can imagine. But, if you need some inspiration, these nine amazing books will help you out.

These books contain so many ideas! Directions for how to build just about anything, as well as games you can play with your LEGO creations. So check out one today and see what your family can build.

Books with Lots of Different Ideas

In LEGO Awesome Ideas, Daniel Lipkowitz shows kids how to create everything from outer space to the wild west.

The LEGO Ideas Book: Unlock Your Imagination by Daniel Lipkowitz has over 500 building models and ideas.

The Build It! series by Jennifer Kemmeter helps you create models with LEGO classic sets. Be sure to check out Volume 1, Volume 2, and Volume 3 to start out. There are 16 books in all!

Awesome LEGO Creations with Bricks You Already Have by Sarah Dees features real building ideas from that anyone can make. (PS…Sarah is also an amazing blogger. Be sure to check out her website, Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls.)

Would you like something new to create everyday of the year? Then you definitely need to check out 365 Things to Do with LEGO Bricks by Simon Hugo.

Books for Building Specific Things

The LEGO Adventure Book Series by Megan H. Rothrock features different themed ideas in each book. In Volume 1, you learn to build cars, castles, dinosaurs, and more. Volume 2 gives us spaceships, pirates, dragons, and more. Volume 3 is all about robots, planes, cities, and more.

Warren Elsmore shows kids how to make all sorts of animals in Brick Animals: 40 Clever and Creative Ideas to Make from Classic LEGO.

Fans of LEGO and Star Wars will love LEGO Star Wars Idea Book by DK.

If your child has a LEGO Boost set, then The LEGO Boost Idea Book by Yoshishio Isogawa will show them how to create 95 simple robots.

Books with LEGO Building Tips and Information

In LEGO Tips, Tricks, and Building Techniques: The Big Unofficial LEGO Builders Book, Joachim Klang shares lots of building tips for beginners and advanced builders.

Is your child interested in LEGO history and trivia? Then you should definitely check out LEGO Absolutely Everything You Need to Know by DK.

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