Color Word Memory Game Free Printable

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Printable memory games are a fun way to reinforce skills that your child is learning, like color recognition. You could even work on recognizing color words as well. This free printable color word memory game is a great way to practice both.

Free printable color word memory game for kids

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color Word Memory Game

This matching game is a great way for children to practice visual discrimination, concentration, attention to detail, and taking turns.

What Is Included

This printable memory game features images of objects in 11 different colors, 11 color words (in that color), and 11 color words in black. The colors included are:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • White
Examples of pages from color word memory game free printable

What You Will Need

If you have a computer with a printer, you can easily make this game for your child today. Here are some things you will need and a few additional suggestions.

  • Printer paper
  • If you would like to make the game pieces a little sturdier, you could use card stock paper
  • Scissors
  • If you would like to cut the pieces out faster, you could use a small paper cutter
  • With white paper, it can sometimes be easy to see through from the back. To make the game pieces impossible to see through, you could glue them to construction paper after you cut them out or print them out on scrapbook paper (the kind that is white on one side)
  • If you would like to make them really sturdy so they will last longer, you could laminate them using laminating pouches and a laminator

How to Play the Color Word Memory Game

  • Print out two copies of the game pieces you want to use. You could use just the pictures and words in color, the pictures and words in black, or the words in color and the words in black.
  • Mix up the pieces and lay them face down on a flat surface. It helps to arrange them in a grid.
  • Players take turns flipping over two pieces.
  • If the pieces match, the player gets to keep them.
  • Keep playing until all the matches have been made.

How Many Players Can Play the Game?

This is entirely up to you. Generally, 2-4 players would be just right. But there is no reason why a child couldn’t play alone to try to find all of the matches.

How Can You Modify the Game for Younger Children?

You can use fewer game pieces or you can even arrange all of the pieces face up to make it easier to find the matches.

Use the Pieces for Sorting Games

This printable was designed to be a traditional memory matching game for children. There are a few different ways that your child could sort the pieces if you print out all of the pieces.

They could sort by picture, word in color, and word in black. Create one group of pictures, one group of the words in color, and one group of the words in black.

They could sort by colors they like and colors they don’t like.

They could combine these pieces with the color word flash cards and/or the color sorting mats to create larger groups of colored objects.

How to Store the Color Word Memory Game Pieces

Once you have gone to the trouble of assembling this game, you are not going to want to lose the pieces. You could store them in a Ziploc type bag or you could store them in an index card or photo storage case like this one. I love how you can organize so many different games!

To download this printable, simply click on the link below.

Color Word Memory Game

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Color word memory game free printable for kids