Dolch Nouns Sight Word Flash Cards Free Printable

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You are probably familiar with the Dolch word list, which includes words that are an important part of reading fluency for children. Your child has probably even completed sight word activities using these words at school or at home. What you may not know is that there is also a list of nouns. These Dolch nouns sight word flash cards are words that were often found in children’s books back when the original word list was put together.

Free Printable Dolch Nouns Sight Word Flash Cards

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Dolch Nouns Sight Word Flash Cards

After I published the Dolch sight word flash cards a while back, I had a few readers request flash cards for the nouns also. So I created a set for just the nouns.

In keeping with the color theme of the other lists (which are different colors based on level), I made this set purple.

What Is Included

This printable includes flash cards for all 95 traditional Dolch nouns. There are ten to a page. Remember that the original Dolch lists were created in 1948, so some of these nouns may not be as common in children’s books today.

What You Will Need

How to Prepare the Flash Cards

Print out the pages of flash cards on printer paper or card stock paper.

Use scissors or a paper cutter to cut them out. You can print out every page or only the ones you need at the moment. 

Glue them to construction paper and/or laminate. Again, this is completely up to you.

How to Use the Sight Word Flash Cards

Most of us have used flash cards at some point in our education. What you may not realize is that there are different ways to use them.

Traditional Flash Card Use

When most people think of flash cards they think of the traditional use. And this is a great way to use them with your child. Choose the words that your child is working on. Show your child a flash card and ask them to read the word. 

Memory Game

Choose the words that your child is working on. Print out and prepare TWO SETS of the words. Play a memory game with your child, where they try to find the matching words.

Alphabetical Order

If your child has been working on this skill, have them put words of your choosing in alphabetical order.

How to Store the Dolch Nouns Flash Cards

Once you have printed out and prepared all of the flash cards, you will find yourself with lots of small cards that you don’t want to lose. You could store them in a Ziploc type bag or you could store them in an index card or photo storage case like this one.

How to Download Your Flash Cards

To download your free printable, just click on the link below.

Dolch Nouns Sight Word Flash Cards

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Free printable Dolch nouns sight word flash cards