Easy Cookie Sheet Primer Sight Word Activity


Using magnetic letters to practice sight words can be lots of fun for children. Sight word activities that use paper and pencil, like the primer sight word activity sheets, are important, but many children need activities that are more hands-on in order to learn. If your child has been working on the primer words, it might be time for this cookie sheet primer sight word activity.

Free printable easy cookie sheet primer sight word activity.

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Cookie Sheet Primer Sight Word Activity

If you have a cookie sheet and some magnetic letters, you are all set for this activity. These magnetic letters and numbers are 0.9″ to 1.3″ tall and approximately 1″ wide and they fit perfectly. Your basic 9″ x 13″ cookie sheet is really all you need.

What You Will Need

  • Printer paper and a printer
  • Magnetic letters in uppercase or lowercase (You may need more than one set)
  • A 9″ x 13″ (or larger) cookie sheet

How to Use This Sight Word Activity

There are four primer sight words per page on thirteen pages. The pages are numbered and the words are in the typical frequency order for the Dolch primer words.

Choose what words you want your child to work on. Have your child use magnetic letters to spell each word.

I have included a blank page so that you can choose your own words.

To download this printable, simply click on the link below.

Easy Cookie Sheet Primer Sight Word Activity

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