Fun Ways to Use Plastic Easter Eggs

Easter is around the corner and that means that soon, those little plastic eggs will be everywhere, if they aren’t already. Once the holiday is over, you will probably have a ton left over that you don’t know what to do with.  Go ahead and gather them all up and try some of these fun ways to use plastic Easter eggs. Don’t forget to create some activities out of the leftover Easter candy too!

Fun craft activities and learning activities using plastic Easter eggs.

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Fun Ways to Use Plastic Easter Eggs

There are so many different ways you and your child can use leftover plastic Easter eggs. Crafts, art projects, sensory activities, and more! Even if you don’t have any on hand, they are very inexpensive and always available online.

Arts and Crafts with Plastic Easter Eggs

Use the plastic Easter eggs for printing with this activity from My Bored Toddler.

Make an Easter egg sculpture with the help of Fun-A-Day.

Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds shows us how to paint with plastic Easter eggs.

STL Motherhood shows us how to decorate Minecraft Easter eggs.

You and your child can work together to create this Easter egg wreath from The Soccer Mom Blog.

If you have some glittery plastic eggs on hand, you can make this glittered Easter egg wreath from Artsy Fartsy Mama.

Crayons and Cravings shows us how to make DIY Easter egg maracas.

Make cute alien Easter eggs with this activity from the Joy of Boys.

These DIY egg shakers from Mama Smiles would be so easy to make.

Here Comes the Girls shows us how to use plastic eggs to make bath bombs.

These Mad Hatter teacups craft from The Gingerbread House are adorable.

The Inspiration Edit shows us how to make a cute baby bird’s nest with plastic eggs.

You can make Easter egg planters with this activity from Ann’s Entitled Life.

Artsy Craftsy Mom shows us how to turn those plastic eggs into a frog, a whale, and a bird.

Turn those plastic eggs into Easter necklaces with this craft from Artsy Fartsy Mama.

Sensory and Learning Ideas with Plastic Easter Eggs

Make Easter egg surprise slime with this tutorial from Premeditated Leftovers.

The Keeper of the Memories shows us how to use plastic eggs and squishy beads for a fun sensory activity.

How Wee Learn shares a fun rainbow fine motor sensory activity with plastic eggs.

Your child can enjoy some Easter egg water play with this activity from My Bored Todder.

JDaniel4’s Mom shows us how to use plastic eggs for seed germination.

My Bored Toddlers shares a very easy Easter egg color sorting activity for toddlers.

Create a spin and spell Easter egg activity with the help of Raising Dragons.

Sixth Bloom shows us how to use plastic eggs for an engineering activity.

Make an easy Easter egg rocket with this activity from Team Cartwright.

School Time Snippets shares how to make an easy plastic egg shape matching activity.

Help your child practice basic addition facts with plastic eggs using this activity from Homeschool Preschool.

Crafts and learning activities with plastic Easter eggs.