LEGO Early Math Pack Free Printable

Children love LEGO bricks. But they are not just fun, they are educational too. There are so many different ways your child can use them to practice basic math skills. If you have a child who loves LEGO and is in preschool or kindergarten, then this LEGO early math pack is just right for you.

Free Printable LEGO Early Math Pack for Pre-School and Kindergarten

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LEGO Early Math Pack

This math pack is a simple way for young children to practice some of the earliest skills taught in kindergarten. Allowing your child to use LEGO bricks as manipulatives makes the practice more fun.

What You Will Need

How to Use The LEGO Early Math Pack

  • Print out one copy of each page.
  • There is a page for each numeral from 1 to 10. Your child can use each page to practice tracing the numeral, writing the numeral, tracing the number word, and writing the number word. They can also color the bricks to show that amount.
  • Your child can count how many LEGO bricks are shown in each set.
  • Your child can build a tower of LEGO bricks to match the given number.

How to Modify the LEGO Early Math Pack

You can use this activity with your child however you would like.

You can print out only the pages you want to work on.

You can pick and choose which activities you do on each page.

It is easy to make it work for any child!

To download this printable, simply click on the link below.

LEGO Early Math Pack

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