Easter Candy Learning Activities for Kids

I don’t know about you, but our house is always full of Easter candy for weeks after the holiday. Sometimes it would just be nice if we could find something to do with it all of those jelly beans and chocolate before we eat it. It turns out that there are tons of really easy Easter candy learning activities that you can do with your child. 

Learning activities with Easter candy.

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Easter Candy Learning Activities

That huge basket of Easter candy (or baskets if you have more than one child) provides a great opportunity for learning. So, clear a space on the table or the floor and dump it all out. 

Easter candy and Easter basket for learning activities.

What You Will Need

What Learning Activities Can You Do With Easter Candy?

There are so many different things you and your child can do with the candy. Easy math activities would be great for preschoolers and early elementary aged children.

Sort by Type

One of the simplest ideas, perfect for even the youngest children, is to have them just sort it by type. Hershey’s Kisses, lollipops, mini chocolate bunnies, whatever you have.

Easter candy sorted by type for learning activity.

Sort by Color 

Easter candy is always very colorful and it would be easy to sort the candy by color. This is a great way to reinforce colors with preschoolers!

Easter candy sorted by color learning activity.

Create a Bar Graph

Pick a candy that you have in a few colors and made a bar graph to determine which color you have the most, least, etc.

Graphing activity with Easter candy.

Sort the Candy Into Equal Groups

This activity will require a little help from and adult.

  1. Give your child a specific number of pieces of candy. (For example, 18 pieces)
  2. Ask your child to divide the candy equally into a certain number of groups. (For example, 3 groups)
  3. They must then figure out how many pieces of candy go in each group.
  4. Be sure to choose an amount of candy that works well with this activity, so that your children don’t get confused! 
Sorting Easter candy into equal groups learning activity.

Other Easter Candy Learning Activities

These are just a few of the activities that you can do with your child. But there are so many more!

  • Count the pieces of candy.
  • Create a larger bar graph comparing amounts of the different types of candy.
  • Create sets of different amounts and have your children determine which has more/less.
  • Use the candy to work on addition and subtraction problems.

So this Easter, don’t throw away the candy you don’t want to eat. Use it for an activity!