Halloween Toy Math Activities for Kids

Halloween provides so many fun learning opportunities. Right now the stores are filled with tons of Halloween items. Costumes, candy, decorations, and other fun treats. I love all of the inexpensive little toys that are meant for children’s goody bags. You know, all of those spider rings, eyeballs, and tiny erasers. But there are so many learning ideas to go along with those toys! Here are a bunch of Halloween toy math activities that you can do with your child.

Easy Halloween toy math activities for kids.

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Halloween Toy Math Activities

There are so many ways parents can help their children with math skills using inexpensive items as manipulate. You may already even have something you could use around your house.

What You Need

  • Lots of small Halloween related items

Yup, that’s it. I used a bag of multi-colored bat rings that I bought one year and totally forgot about until last week. Here are some ideas for you:

How to Use Them

How you use them to help your child with math depends on their needs and what items you choose to work with. But here are a few ways your child can work with them:

  1. Sort them in some way (size, color, shape).
  2. Count them.
  3. Create a set for a number you give them. (For example, you give your child the number 12 and they create a set of 12 items.)
  4. Estimate how many you have put into a container.
  5. Practice addition, subtractions, multiplication, or division.
  6. Practice fractions of a set. (Divide the items into halves, thirds, etc.)

So, the next time you are in the Halloween section of a store, take a look at what little toys are available and grab something fun to help your children practice math skills.