Easy Money Activity for Kids

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Has your child been learning about money in school? They are probably not only learning to count objects, but also coins. Identifying and counting coins is a major math skill that usually begins in pre-kindergarten and continues through elementary school. This easy money activity for kids is something you can do with your child at home. It uses items you probably already have!

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Easy Money Activity for Kids

Money is one of those skills that can really be tough for many children. Counting one or two types of coins is usually not too difficult. Having to count three or four different types of coins can be extremely frustrating.

What You Will Need

How to Use This Money Activity

Take four paper plates and label them with the four different types of coins. Basic paper plates help contain all of the coins, but you could just use plain paper. You can type it or just use a magic marker.

Money Activity Coin Sort

Give your child coins to sort by denomination.

You choose what coins you want your child to work on.

Money Activity Coin Sorting

Take a few paper plates or pieces of paper and write different amounts of money on them. 

Have your child count coins to show that amount.

Money Activity Coin Counting

Ways to Adapt This Money Activity for Kids

  • Sort only the coins your child has learned about so far.
  • Include $1 bills, $5 bills, etc.
  • Count coins to amounts greater than $1.00.
  • Once your child shows an amount with their coins, have them show it using a different combination of coins.

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