Valentine Hearts Alphabet Matching Game Free Printable

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Is your child learning to recognize the letters of the alphabet? Have they been enjoying reading alphabet books with you? Matching uppercase and lowercase letters can be difficult for some children. You can help make it fun by adding a holiday theme with this valentine hearts alphabet matching game.

Free printable alphabet matching game with Valentine's Day hearts.

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Valentine Hearts Alphabet Matching Game

Valentine’s Day hearts are a fun resource for educational games for children. This alphabet matching game includes all 26 uppercase and lowercase letters on halves of broken hearts.

What You Will Need

How to Play the Valentine Hearts Alphabet Matching Game

  • Print out the pages and cut out the heart pieces. You don’t need to be super precise around the outside of the hearts. Just make sure the puzzle edges are reasonable smooth.
  • Match the uppercase letter to its corresponding lowercase letter.
  • Use only the letters you want your child to practice recognizing. That could be all of them or only a few.
Valentine Hearts Alphabet Matching Game

To download this printable, simply click on the link below.

Valentine Hearts Alphabet Matching Game

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