Weather Books for Kids of All Ages

The weather is a topic that children both young and old always enjoy learning about. There are so many different types and it’s always changing, so the learning possibilities are endless. All of the amazing books for kids out there make it so easy.

Depending on where you live, your child may not get to experience all of the types of weather. Children in Florida may never see snow and children in Maine may never experience a tornado (although that’s probably a good thing).

Fortunately, there are many wonderful informational weather books for kids of all ages to help them learn!

A list of weather books for kids of all ages

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Weather Books for Kids of All Ages

Learning about the different types of weather can be so much fun for kids. Especially if they don’t experience a type where they live.

Weather Books for Younger Readers

Author Gail Gibbons has several wonderful picture books about weather, including  Weather Words and What They Mean, Hurricanes, It’s Snowing, and It’s Raining.

Shapes in the Sky from Josepha Jordan will teach young children all about the different types of clouds. The Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science Series includes books about all aspects of weather, including Down Comes the Rain, Flash, Crash, Rumble, and Roll, Feel the Wind, and What Will the Weather Be?

From the series that is always full of useful information and spectacular photographs, the National Geographic Readers: Weather book is perfect for early readers.

The editors of TIME for Kids introduce younger readers to the many types of storms in the book Storms!

Children’s science author Seymour Simon has an incredible series of books on weather that include Weather, Tornadoes, Lightning, and Hurricanes.

Whiteout!: A Book About Blizzards shows younger readers exactly what blizzard conditions are like.

Weather Books for Older Readers

The DK Eyewitness Books are always full of wonderful information and gorgeous photos and the books Weather and Hurricane and Tornado are no exception.

The Everything Kids Weather Book and the National Geographic Kids Everything Weather Book are great resources for older readers who are ready to do a little research on the subject.